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We are skilled and experienced in Custom interior projects from mild to wild. For the past 2 years Creative Auto Interiors has been chosen to do the interior and electronics for the Popular Mechanics Magazine Top Shop projects. In 2010 it was a brand new Camaro SS which got a complete custom interior including electronics and sound system.

Creative Auto Interiors designed a custom interior of black leather, hot rod blue suede and black and white houndstooth that is reminiscent of the muscle car’s glory days, and as part of the Popular Mechanics Car Makeover, the vehicle had to be integrated with hi-tech electronics; a laptop, personal printer and FLIR night vision were just some of the cool extras of this innovative vehicle.

Along with a custom sound system and interior and exterior neon lights, everything had to be custom fabricated from the ground up. Working closely with Netcong Auto Body, Creative Auto Interiors helped take the Camaro apart and put her back together again. This custom Camaro was showcased in a two-part feature of the 2010 May and June issues of Popular Mechanics.

Custom Camaro

Jay Leno Approves

It appears that Jay Leno approves of what we’ve done to the Interior of the Popular Mechanics Top Shop Camaro.

2011 Mustang Convertible & Victory Hammer S Motorcycle

The next year we were handed over a 2011 Mustang Convertible and Victory Hammer S motorcycle. The Mustang interior was gutted and completely redesigned and customized. Changing the color of the interior from the stock Black to a Tan interior with accents in a Red Crocodile embossed leather and orange Leather highlights, to tie into the custom paint scheme. We turned the car into the ultimate weekend getaway by removing the rear seat and adding storage compartments, a refrigerator, coffee maker and microwave. In the trunk is storage for a 2 person tent, 2 fold-up chairs that are custom upholstered to match the interior, a flat screen TV, PS-3 with Blue ray player and wireless surround sound stereo system. Check it out in these YouTube Videos.

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