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Convertible Tops

We specialize in convertible top repair and replacement for all makes and models and offer a wide selection of materials that meets or exceeds OEM standards. We guarantee a perfect, factory fit and with our large selection of colors and materials to choose from, we have the capability to custom order that top which will give your vehicle a personal, unique look. It’s not uncommon that your top could be fine, but the problem areas are with the parts you can’t see.

When you are looking for convertible top repair in New Jersey, Creative Auto Interiors is the company to trust. With our 45+ years of combined experience in a wide variety of convertible top replacement and repair, from old to new automobiles, electric or manual tops, we are proficient in diagnosing and repairing common problems such as malfunctions in framework, bad hydraulic systems, worn out weather stripping, tensioning systems and bad alignment, just to name a few. Bring your car in any time during our business hours for an accurate estimate of repair or replacement.

Types of Tops

Whether your auto top is electric or manual, Canvas or Vinyl, it takes veteran skill and dedicated craftsmanship to manufacture a sure-fit, convertible top; but it takes even a higher level of expertise to install it correctly. When you want to replace the convertible top on your vehicle, and you want it done the right way, the first time.

Creative Auto Interiors can make that happen, and guarantee it. With so many types of materials to choose from, it can be confusing as to which is the correct type of top. If your concerned about keeping the ‘originality’ of your vehicle, we have the ability to use a replacement top made with the same material as originally used by the manufacturer, or we can also offer an alternative top that’s still made custom for your vehicle, but with a different type of material that still meets or exceeds the OEM standards.

The bottom line – every top is different and we have the experience and expertise to replace your convertible top correctly, the first time. We are the top shop for convertible top repair in North Jersey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long until I can put my new convertible soft-top down?2018-04-10T15:57:19+00:00

A: You should wait to put the top down for a period of 3 days for a vinyl top and 5 days for a canvas top, to allow the material to stretch out and “learn” its new shape of being installed on your vehicle.

Q: How long will I have to be without my car?2018-04-10T15:56:56+00:00

A: Usually 1 – 2 days

Q: What is the Warranty on my new convertible top?2018-04-10T15:56:35+00:00

A: Five years from the date of installation.

Q: My convertible top is leaking during a rainstorm, can this be repaired?2018-04-10T15:56:14+00:00

A: While it is common to get a few “drips” of water in the car, if you are getting a lot of water in the car it could mean that the Weather-stripping may be deteriorated, torn or misaligned, here at Creative Auto Interiors, we are familiar with this problem and can usually repair the problem by either realigning the weather-stripping or replacing it.(back)

Q: My top is not folding correctly, can you repair this?2018-04-10T15:55:40+00:00

A: We are also experienced in the motors and hydraulic system as well as Frame Repairs for convertible tops, bring the Car in for an evaluation.

Q: My convertible top is in very good shape, but the Rear window is broken, does everything need to be replaced?2018-04-10T15:55:10+00:00

A: On many vehicles the Convertible top and rear window are separate from one another and one or the other can sometimes be replaced individually. Give us a call or stop in with the vehicle for us to determine the type of top and window combination you have. But remember… we can’t give you an estimate over the phone; you’ll need to bring the car in.

Q: My top only has a small rip, can’t you just patch it?2018-04-10T15:52:49+00:00

A: While it is sometimes possible to patch a torn convertible top, it usually will need to be replaced. However, you should bring the vehicle in for us to evaluate the extent of damage to the convertible top.

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